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2015-02-19 11:01 生活如此傲娇 A+

  a bunch of articles for you to see, if you are interested. First, there is an interview with Armored Warfare chief developer, Richard Taylor. Nothing much there, but still, interesting.

  如果各位感兴趣的话,以下有一些文章仅供阅读:首先是和AW的首席工程师Richard Taylor的访谈。东西不多,但是还是挺有意思的。

  Secondly, there’s a 0.9.6 update for the useful region changer mod – if you want to play in the US and RU with EU client for example, it comes in handy. It’s no roaming though, you still need separate accounts.


  Third, there’s a couple of articles on Overlord’s blog – by David “Listy” Lister about Project Foil, UK’s line of rocket launchers and a sort of legend about one Turkish corporal, who fired the Big Guns during the Dardanelles breakthrough.

  最后是Overlord的博客上的几篇文章—David “Listy” Lister所写的“铝箔计划”的文章,是关于英国的火箭发射器们的,还有一篇是关于土耳其下士的一篇文章,他在达达尼尔突破时发射了巨炮的一个传奇故事

  - the fact that there won’t be LT9 and LT10 does not mean that LT8 tanks are equal to MT10 or HT10 in combat, it means they are the best scouts in the game (best suited for the role)


  - on long distances, the coordinates of tanks are not accurate, because they get updated only once in a while to optimize server traffic and therefore, they are “estimated” by the client before they get updated by the server again. That can lead to cases, where you shoot at very long distance, but the target is “no longer there” because its position changed server-side, but not client-side due to infrequent (relatively) updates. This can lead to a “ghost shell” effect on long distances, when the player sees the shell pass through the target, while on the server, the target is already somewhere else.


  - Q: “I suggest removing arty from the servers for a month and then analyse the results!” A: “I will write this proposal to SerB…” (SS: this is sarcasm. I hope.)


  - a player has a feeling that after 9.6, shells started flying slower. Storm states it’s just his feeling.


  - the fact that from 9.6, the rule that open-topped vehicles have more viewrange was cancelled does NOT mean that open-topped vehicles will be able to mount ventilation


  - Israeli Merkava Mk.I will most likely not appear in WoT, the problem does not seem to be the gun, but the fact that there’s no tree to put it in


  - introducing two shell distributions (one for unaimed aim circle and one for fully aimed aim circle) would introduce more camping (SS: as in, everyone would want the critical accuracy advantage)


  - German gun penetration used in the game is based on Soviet penetration tables (and methods) at distance of 100 meters








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